President’s Letter, October 2010

Challenges Foster A Grateful Heart

Ron Hobbs, 2010-2011 ISES LA President

Serving on the ISES Board and developing the MyEventBook website has afforded me the opportunity to meet with many owners, managers, and employees of Event Industry businesses. Mostly our discussions over the past couple years have revolved around what to do in this economy. Business for most had fallen off around 50%…for some less, for many even more.

I have witnessed management so frustrated and downright scared that they were paralyzed in their decision-making. I once heard a GM state (about a program already implemented and paid for), “I don’t want to do it if it is ever going to cost anything.” How low and defeated does one have to be to make such a statement?

Fast forward to today…

We are still “weathering” the storm of a dark economy. With sunlight trying to show through the clouds, we still face an unknown forecast. But we have somewhat “settled in.” Time tends to do that and many are simply tired of feeling down about it all.

ISES has become somewhat of an oasis for many in the Event Industry (myself included). I observe people constantly feeding one another uplifting anecdotes and offering ideas and concepts about working within the constraints of the business climate. I work with a fantastic ISES Board that is totally dedicated to helping each and every member cope with business challenges. They share good ideas and try to assist those in need.

Through it all, I discovered a fascinating revelation I want to share. It is very wonderful human emotion…Gratefulness!

Only a few years ago when event bookings were plentiful, it was common for me to say “Great, we got another booking,” and off to the golf course I went without another thought. Today, after layoffs and cutbacks I find myself “doing it all” (or so it seems) and I haven’t touched a club in months. But, I find myself energized when talking with clients, more excited when I make a sale and GRATEFUL for every booking. Gratefulness is good for the heart. It shows through to your clients, co-workers, and about everyone you touch in your business and personal life.

Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass…it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”


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