You Can’t Beat Face-to-Face

Ron Hobbs, 2010-2011 ISES LA President

Believe me, I know the importance of online marketing, social networking, keeping your website current and exciting, and being savvy to the world of the internet. So call me “old school” (some just call me old!) when I’m finding that what is getting many through this challenging economy are their relationships.

It can be as simple as recognizing the voice at the other end of the phone or smiling at a colleague or client (and getting a smile back!); these are how people are maintaining and developing business. The face-to-face interaction may be considered “old school,” but it’s worked and has been working now more than ever.

The development of relationships should be a primary effort for all businesses. The various avenues to find new clients and connect with colleagues are available, you just need to look a little. And if you’re reading this, you probably acknowledge ISES as a “relationship-building” vehicle. In fact, ISES is absolutely one of the best for building relationships. Each month ISES LA organizes and produces an opportunity for you to have quality “face time” with Industry colleagues. Take advantage of these opportunities to build your business, network, and brand yourself.

One of ISES LA’s most prestigious gatherings happens this month with our 5th annual “Meet the Masters” on November 17th. This event is the must-attend event of the year! Speaking of quality “face time”, you’re guaranteed face-to-face time with over a dozen Stars of our Industry. Get all the information about this spectacular event on the ISES website.

I look forward to seeing you there!


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