ISES LA Members Support Unique Big Brother Big Sisters Fundraising Event Starring Jeremy Weinglass

Support Big Brothes Big Sisters Fundraising Event

LA-ISES members are helping support a unique fundraising event for Big Brothers Big Sisters coming up on Friday, January 14th at the El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood, featuring, Pianist, Composer and proud ISES member, Jeremy Weinglass of Weinglass Music’s original work, ODYSSEY: A Twelve-Month Revolution. Based on Weinglass’ concept album of the same name released in 2010, ODYSSEY is a modern-classical music tour de force that will take the audience on a revolutionary journey through each of the 12 months of the year.  The production is led by award winning director and choreographer, Steven Hues (Das Rheingold/Ring Cycle at LA Opera, Hair, Ramayana) and combines music and contemporary dance into a full-blown production with 100% of net proceeds from ticket sales being donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles.

Jeremy and his wife, Kim, have taken on the incredible task of producing this special one-night-only event themselves. They are thrilled to have the support of fellow ISES member, Pauline Parry of Good Gracious! Events who generously offered to sponsor the VIP reception after the show with their delectable hors d’oeuvres and desserts.

“We’ve been working like mad on this production for the past six months and we can’t wait to share what we’ve been up to. We are grateful for the support we’ve received through our ties with ISES. Not only is Pauline Parry helping us immensely, but Jeff Sigler chose to bring his birthday celebration to the show and has gathered a sizable group of friends to join him in purchasing tickets. In addition, Carol Rosen, who was the individual responsible for introducing us to ISES, sent us a generous donation to sponsor some “little brothers and sisters” to attend the performance since she is unable to attend herself. Anessa Curtin of The Ebell, a venue originally under consideration to host the production, has also stepped up to purchase tickets” says Kim Weinglass.

“This is a dream come true,” says Weinglass. “ODYSSEY is a labor of love and deep meaning I’ve been creating for the past 10 years. It’s evolving so organically it’s like watching a child grow or a flower bloom. I’m overwhelmed by the support of such a talented ensemble and thrilled to be able to give back to the organization that had such a profound impact on my life.”

Weinglass grew up in the Bay Area and was raised by a single mother who recognized his love and talent for the piano at a young age and saw the need to nurture it. By relentlessly pursuing scholarships, she enrolled 7-year-old Jeremy in piano lessons and got him into the Big Brothers Big Sisters program four years later. Because of the guidance, support and stability that his Big Brother provided, Jeremy was able to continue his education, and ultimately blossom into a brilliant pianist and composer and follow his passion with intensity.  In 2010, Jeremy stepped up to become a Big Brother himself.  “It feels amazing to be giving back to a youngster who needs a male role model in his life,” says Weinglass.


“Jeremy’s personal experience with Big Brothers Big Sisters clearly illustrates the lifelong impact our program has on its participants,” said Tiffany Siart, President and CEO, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles and the Inland Empire. “We’re honored to be the beneficiary of this wonderful event.”

For more information about the show and ticketing information, please visit


One thought on “ISES LA Members Support Unique Big Brother Big Sisters Fundraising Event Starring Jeremy Weinglass

  1. I’m really looking forward to this! Not only hearing Jeremy’s life’s work which I know will be beautiful…but I love the fact that he’s giving back to an organization that helped him growing up. Kudos Jeremy!

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