The Special Event Conference 2011

by Jennifer Minzey, Simply Mumtaz Events

This past week at TSE, there were several sessions that intrigued and excited me, but the one by far that I was most inspired by and excited about was the session taught by the Carbotti Hotties at Perfect Surroundings as they are so aptly named!! They talked about how color is something to embrace when designing an event, don’t be afraid of it. When designing with color, use your common sense and when in doubt, there are always other designers, planners and websites that can assist you in your creativity. By the time that I left their session, I was ready to put my knowledge to the test!  Another great tip that I picked up at TSE, is to get out of your comfort zone!! Just when you think you are comfy…you need to get un-comfy!

When you are scared to do something or when you feel like you are not in your comfort zone anymore, get used to that feeling, as that is where you will most likely grow! I am already looking for those opportunities where I can grow and not feel like I am in Kansas anymore!

I hope that everyone had a great time at TSE, as I took away a lot from this year’s conference and I am looking forward to next year’s in Tampa!

The ISES Leadership Meetings held on the Monday before TSE were a great networking and learning opportunity for our board members. One of the workshops that I attended a workshop that reminded me to work SMARTER not harder. This is a great acronym for setting goals for yourself, your company or a committee or two that you might be sitting on?? I know that I will be using it for the Committees that I sit on.



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