President’s Letter: April 2011

Once a year a unique offering goes out to the ISES LA Membership…now is that time of year.

Ron Hobbs, 2010/2011 ISES LA President

April marks the open call for 2011/2012 ISESLA Board nominations. Nominate a colleague, partner or yourself to

represent the ISES LA membership and make invaluable contributions to the event industry. Most of the current board members nominated themselves to serve after volunteering on an ISES LA committee. Committee involvement provides an opportunity for Board members, active contributors and fellow members to demonstrate their level of commitment, expertise and dedication. These are the trademarks of leadership.

You have probably attended several meetings, met some interesting people and have learned a few things along the way. You may have even been inspired by a few that have shared insights and encouragement. As President, I certainly hope your ISES experience and interactions have been positive and uplifting. As a Board, that is what we strive to deliver.

To get the most out of your ISES Membership, demonstrate your abilities and make lasting relationships, take the next step and get  join a committee or nominate yourself or to serve on the Board of Directors.

ISES LA committees and task-forces consist of the following:

Committees                                    Task-forces

>   Membership                               >   The JAM Tradeshow

>   Programs                                    >   The Event Industry Golf Classic

>   Communications

>   Marketing

>   Education

For more information on Board Nominations or joining a committee, please feel free to contact the ISES LA Office at 805.557.1141 or email

We look forward to hearing from you.

Ron Hobbs
2010/2011 ISES LA President


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