ISES LA Educational Lunch: “The Cost of Going Green”

By Kathy Tollman

 Just imagine 50 of ISES LAs most prestigious and professional Event Planners, Vendors and Caterers engrossed in the science of creating Solar Bracelets made from pipe cleaners and sun-sensitive beads, and planting seeds in Mason jars filled with water gel crystals made from polymers that grow to absorb large amounts of water.  Then, with science projects in hand, imagine those same professionals touring the beautiful Bamboo Gardens of the California Science Center where our hosts, Tanya Vidhyarkorn and Lori Matsunaga, offer “out of the ordinary” events filled with dramatic architecture, extraordinary visual excitement and a multitude of “green” strategies designed to reduce waste, and protect our precious earthly resources.

The Cost of Going Green, held on April 20, 2011, just one day before Earth Day, was dedicated to providing an educational green event that featured a delectable all-organic and locally-grown “green” lunch catered by Karla Campos with Gourmet Celebrations. To further the greenness of the event, Karla didn’t use any throwaways, she utilized reusable plate- ware provided by ISES LAs very own president, Ron Hobbs of Castle Catering.  Only eco-friendly linen and beautiful “live” succulent decorations were used and provided by Chris Gerstenblatt of Eventworks.   Even the lighting, provided by Patrick Whelan and Brian Edwards of Production Resource Group (PRG), the world’s leading supplier of entertainment and event technology boasted its greenness by supplying a pleasing mixture of lighting textures that used a miserly 600 Watts of Energy.

The heart and education of the Cost of Going Green program was presented by Richard Byford of Byway Events & Entertainment and Joshua Mark, Director of Sustainability for Fox Entertainment.  Both Richard and Mark are dedicated to creating large-scale “green” events for the film and event industry.   Richard’s Byway Events is known for producing the most sustainable and greenest events in the business and Joshua Mark is deeply committed to “greening” the filming industry.  Not only are they protecting our precious earthly resources, but they’re saving money too!  Richard was able to save 25 thousand dollars on one large-scale event by making simple changes such as, switching to low-energy light bulbs and using water trucks to supply water to the masses instead of plastic water bottles, and Joshua created a human-powered solution that cooled the Red Carpet at a recent Kid’s Choice Awards by utilizing bicycles equipped with fans that were powered by volunteers throughout the event.  Just think, by using a water truck, Richard prevented approximately 45 thousand plastic water bottles from being dumped into the local landfill where they would sit for 700 years before breaking down.  Tres Green!

Many thanks to the ISES LA Education Committee for continuing to provide outstanding fun, and educational events: Jeff Sigler with Form Décor; Christ Gerstenblatt with Eventworks; Takowa Patterson with Great Reunions and Kathy Tollman with Famous Dave’s BBQ.

Be sure to join ISES LA on May 19, 2011 for a Day at the Races at Hollywood Park.


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