President’s Letter: May 2011

May is an exciting month for ISES. It’s the month that nominations for the

Ronn Hobbs, 2011/12 President

coming year’s Board is wrapping up. It looks like we will have several Board members from last year staying in a leadership position as others are stepping down and making room for some new faces. 2011/2012 members will be announced later this month.

May is also a month that each ISES member considers renewing and non-members consider joining. We understand that such a decision nowadays is not taken lightly. Each of us, from a business and/or personal standpoint, evaluates the ROI (return on investment) of such a decision. I might suggest you also evaluate the ROR (return on relationships). I am finding that development of relationships is what is keeping me solvent. The benefits of thinking outside the box (as we all need to do dealing with this economy) is expanded and multiplied when you are in a group setting. ISES gets you around the right people to expand your creative potential as you intellectually “feed” off one another.

Just yesterday I sat with six industry colleagues…none of whom I had met before. As we talked I was introduced to a great concept that I have already implemented. IT IS BRILLANT…I will share it with you if you call me. But the point I what you to understand is how important your ISES contacts can be…one simple idea can make your ISES LA Membership pay for itself. Sometimes the ROI takes many different forms.

I have talked often about the “Economic Funnel” we all have. The top of the funnel is where we put all our decisions of where to spend our time and money. Our funnel once had a larger outlet at the bottom…more things got through as we had more revenue. I don’t know about you, but my outlet at the bottom is allowing less and less to get through. So, as you put the concept of an ISES LA Membership for next year into your “Economic Funnel” I want you to think about what benefits and programs ISES LA is doing for its members. Please go to and see these numerous benefits. However…if you truly want to experience the benefits come to the meetings and participate.

As a teaser…there are some very exciting new programs in development that are structured to “get business” to our members.

I look forward to seeing you throughout the coming ISES year.

Ron Hobbs

2010/11 President


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