President’s Letter: July


Ron Hobbs, 2011/12 President

Before I began my term as President last year I consulted with several Past Presidents, including David Merrill, John Daly, Carol Rosen and a few others about what I should expect as a President of ISES LA. Most indicated a common frustration–it took about six months to have the “new” board focused as one team and all paddling in the same direction. They also explained that once projects began to launch and steps towards achieving goals were taken, it was time to begin transitioning in the board for the following year. This was a cause of great anxiety and resulted in a lack of continuity and concrete progress.

I too felt some of that same frustration. I also feel very strongly about several of the projects that have started this past year and the importance of seeing them through. My assessment was that more time was required to accomplish goals and bring projects to fruition. So here I am for another year.

We have all but four returning to the Board from last year. Though I will definitely miss those leaving, love ’em all, I am very excited about our 2011/2012 Board. With the nine “veterans” and the very qualified four “newbies” I feel this year we can cut that six month learning curve and see very effective Board activity almost immediately.

Here are some of the activities in development for this coming year:

• The Event Industry Golf Classic & Non-Golfers “Foodie” Tournament

• The JAM – with an incredible Educational Component

• The development of a unified event industry association marketing effort for members of all Southern California ISES Chapters.

• A new concept for Meet the Masters

• Education, Education, Education – we want to deliver relevant, uplifting, state-of-the-art information to our members.

• Programs – careful thought and planning as to what will be the best, most informative and fun events ISES LA can deliver.

• A complete facelift to the ISES LA website offering more options for information and communication.

Now all this is good, but something I am proud to say we totally “get” is the understanding that people gravitate to where they feel welcomed, the environment is friendly and they are comfortable. Our task is to make ISES LA events a pleasure to attend; where our guests know they will have a good time, learn something and network.

As the returning President of ISES LA, I extend a personal invitation to you, our current members, future members and those in our industry in need of our help, to attend any of the ISES LA events scheduled for this coming year. I look forward to seeing you.

Ron Hobbs

2011/2012 President, ISES LA


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