Sometimes decisions are difficult and sometimes they are dictated.and sometimes it is both. The decision to reschedule the “Inaugural Event Industry

Golf Classic” and the Non-Golfers “Foodie” Event was one of those unique decision-making moments.

A lot of work had been done in preparation for this unique “All Industry”Event. Then out of the blue comes CARmageddon. The closure of the 405 Freeway between the 10 Freeway and the 101 Freeway is exactly where the off ramp is to Mountain Gate Country Club, the location of this Event. The scheduled closing is the two days before and the freeway is “supposed” to reopen in the morning

of our Event on July 18th.

The effect on our Event if the reopening is delayed only a few hours would be disastrous. We were also experiencing logistical challenges in being assured that rentals, staging, food, caterers, manufacturer’s reps, etc. could get on location at their required and needed time.

THE GOOD NEWS…we are rescheduling the whole event, as planned, to next May.The exact date will be announced soon. All vendors contacted that signed on to

support both the Golf and The Foodie Events are 100% on board for next May.

Though this was a very difficult decision all those contacted were in favor as they did not want to see all efforts go for not should a delay in the opening


Why May…the next date Mountain Gate CC had available was in November and it is our desire to keep this event at MGCC as they have been fabulous to work with. We want this event to take place during Daylight Savings Time and May appears

to be the best after we checked Industry Calendars.

We apologize for any inconvenience this change causes and we will keep all appraised of our reschedule planning.

International Special Events Society,

Greater Los Angeles Chapter

275 E Hillcrest Drive, Suite 215

Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

(805) 557-1141 Telephone

(805) 557-1133 Fax


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