A New Year…A New Outlook

Ron Hobbs, 2010/2011 ISES LA President

Ever wonder why they say “Happy New Year?” It’s like a new start, a do-over, a mulligan. It inspires a new outlook towards a future year. It causes reflection on a previous year that can help you focus on what was right and what was wrong. It also makes changes more acceptable to those around you. If you need to redirect the way you are doing things, all you need to say is “it’s a New Year and we’re changing some things.”

I would encourage you all to look back at 2010 with a critical eye and see what was right and wrong in your life and business. There is always room for improvement and all it takes to change course is a decision…a decision to do better.

ISES LA is taking this “New Year” opportunity for reflection and future planning as well, with a mid-term board retreat in January. Your board will assess this year’s successes and challenges. We will re-evaluate goals and make the necessary moves to provide the most meaningful education experiences, the best networking and business building opportunities and make your choice for ISES membership the most effective business decision you make this year.

2011 can be one of your best years ever…all it takes is a decision.

Happy New Year and see you at the next ISES LA event!