TONIGHT! ISES LA Cocktails & Conversation


ISES LA Cocktails & Conversation
ISES LA is proud to announce the first in a series of FREE networking events called Cocktails & Conversation.
This event will be graciously hosted by the Bonaventure Brewing Co. located in downtown Los Angeles at The Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites.
Come join us after work for a free beer and hors d’oeuvres while enjoying the company of other event professionals in your neighborhood.
We look forward to seeing you all there!
Parking is available across Figueroa St. at the Union Bank parking garage for a flat fee of $15. Exit the garage via the sky bridge, which will lead you directly to the Bonaventure Brewing Co. patio.
When Wednesday, October 17, 2012  5:30 PM             –   8:30 PM
Where Bonaventure Brewing Co. 404 S. Figueroa St. 4th Floor Los Angeles, California 90071
Fees ISES Member Registration ISES Member Fee Complimentary
Non ISES Member Registration Non ISES Member Fee Complimentary
StudentStudent Fee Complimentary

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ISES Los Angeles Chapter Board Installation and Chapter Awards



ISES LA proudly invites you to our Chapter Board Installation and Los Angeles Special Event Awards (LASEA) Celebration on Wednesday, July 25th, 2012 at The Ebell of Los Angeles. Executive Chef, Louis Pechan kicks off the night with a networking reception, offering a *signature cocktail and delicious hors d’oeuvres followed by a sit down dinner. The evening will begin with Cara Kleinhaut, of Caravents presenting our keynote address followed by our Chapter’s Annual Board Installation and Los Angeles Special Event Awards (LASEA).

Eleven years ago, in 2001, Cara Kleinhaut launched Event Production & Design Firm, Caravents, most recently voted one of BizBash’s Most Innovative Event Pros in 2011 and winner of two 2010 BizBash Awards for Best Overall Event Concept and Best Entertainment Program for Target’s “Party For Good,” a groundbreaking 4,000-person service project and party in NYC. With the Musicians Assistant Program’s (MAP) as her first and longest-standing client, Cara’s client list also includes: Essence magazine’s annual Oscar gala, the Black Women in Hollywood Awards, Elle magazine’s signature event, Women In Hollywood Awards, and their Independent Spirit Awards Lounge, as well as lifestyle and entertainment events for iconic brands such as Target, HBO, InStyle, Takashi Murakami, Conde Nast Media Group, and Samsung. The team at Caravents completed their most ambitious project yet this March, with the Caesar’s Entertainment Group, Total Rewards Launch. It took place in four cities with 8 A List Musical artists, 3 hosts, and hundreds of crew, simultaneously, with Cara at the tip of it all. Cara Kleinhaut offers her rich experience in planning and design artistry from beginning to end with personal management and precise execution.

The historic Ebell of Los Angeles is an architectural masterpiece that brings glamour, elegance and legacy to special events. With two exquisitely detailed ballrooms, an intimate art salon and a breathtaking courtyard garden, the Ebell presents a variety of sophisticated settings. With an executive chef offering full service catering and on-site event management for preplanning and event day execution, The Ebell’s professional special events team is dedicated to the success of your event. Site tours will be available.

*A specialty cocktail will be offered during the reception; a no host bar will be available.
Complimentary parking.

Congratulations to the following Los Angeles event professionals on their nomination as a finalist in ISES LA’s Los Angeles Special Event Awards (LASEAs).

AOO Events
Catalina Island Conservancy
Mumtaz Marketing & Events
Special Occasions Event Planning

Your 2012/2013 Board of Directors:

Gerry Rothschild – President
Kelly Wynn – President Elect
Carol Roleder – Immediate Past President
Jennifer Minzey – V.P. of Education and Programs
Rhonda Boyer – V.P. of Membership
Kristin Wilson – V.P. of Marketing and Communications
Stacy Ober – Director at Large, Education
Melissa Navarro – Director at Large, Programs
Laura Lopez – Director at Large, Membership/Student Programs
Veronica Puleo – Director at Large, Membership
Natalie Spiro – Director at Large, Communications
Alice Goetschel – Director At Large, Marketing/Advertising and Allied Associations

Special thanks to our show casers:
The Ebell of Los Angeles
Caravents Inc. Event Production & Design
Dash Entertainment
SMG Photography
On Cue Audio Visual
Jeremy Weinglass
Lawry’s The Prime Rib

The Ebell of Los Angeles
743 South Lucerne Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90065





Wednesday, July 25, 2012

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President’s Letter: July


Ron Hobbs, 2011/12 President

Before I began my term as President last year I consulted with several Past Presidents, including David Merrill, John Daly, Carol Rosen and a few others about what I should expect as a President of ISES LA. Most indicated a common frustration–it took about six months to have the “new” board focused as one team and all paddling in the same direction. They also explained that once projects began to launch and steps towards achieving goals were taken, it was time to begin transitioning in the board for the following year. This was a cause of great anxiety and resulted in a lack of continuity and concrete progress.

I too felt some of that same frustration. I also feel very strongly about several of the projects that have started this past year and the importance of seeing them through. My assessment was that more time was required to accomplish goals and bring projects to fruition. So here I am for another year.

We have all but four returning to the Board from last year. Though I will definitely miss those leaving, love ’em all, I am very excited about our 2011/2012 Board. With the nine “veterans” and the very qualified four “newbies” I feel this year we can cut that six month learning curve and see very effective Board activity almost immediately.

Here are some of the activities in development for this coming year:

• The Event Industry Golf Classic & Non-Golfers “Foodie” Tournament

• The JAM – with an incredible Educational Component

• The development of a unified event industry association marketing effort for members of all Southern California ISES Chapters.

• A new concept for Meet the Masters

• Education, Education, Education – we want to deliver relevant, uplifting, state-of-the-art information to our members.

• Programs – careful thought and planning as to what will be the best, most informative and fun events ISES LA can deliver.

• A complete facelift to the ISES LA website offering more options for information and communication.

Now all this is good, but something I am proud to say we totally “get” is the understanding that people gravitate to where they feel welcomed, the environment is friendly and they are comfortable. Our task is to make ISES LA events a pleasure to attend; where our guests know they will have a good time, learn something and network.

As the returning President of ISES LA, I extend a personal invitation to you, our current members, future members and those in our industry in need of our help, to attend any of the ISES LA events scheduled for this coming year. I look forward to seeing you.

Ron Hobbs

2011/2012 President, ISES LA

President’s Letter: June 2011



This past year set the stage with a new vision for ISES LA. The individuals on the

Ronn Hobbs, 2010/11 President

2010/2011 Board were hardworking professionals that went above and beyond. They put in countless hours meeting, planning, forecasting, pondering, decision-making and producing to position ISES LA as an association that is relevant and responsive to our membership.

Sincerest thanks to Sue Cook, Fred Willis, Leonard Neil, Jeff Sigler and Erika Breitkopf for their passionate leadership and dedication to ISES this year, and in some cases several years. As these board members step down we can only look forward to seeing them at monthly meetings and hope that they continue their work on committees. As the President, I appreciate every member of the board more than you can imagine…thank you.

The 2011/2012 Board will transition into leadership on July 1, 2011. With great excitement and anticipation, ISES LA welcomes our new Board members:

Danny Bergold | About Entertainment

David Esqueda | Dazian Fabrics

Melissa Navarro | Lawry’s

Stacy Ober | Pasadena Convention Center

These professionals will join an incredible group of returning board members who decided to put forth the time and effort of board service for another year. Together, we recognize the effective groundwork established and hope to build upon that in continuing to position ISES LA as a true help to the Event Industry and our members during these challenging times.

Programs like the member-to-member discounts we hope to expand as an “ISES LA Marketplace” where any member of any industry association can redeem our ISES LA member’s coupon…and expand this to all Southern California ISES chapters. The outreach to bridge a relationship with many event industry associations is a continuous effort. The burning desire to bring our members unique and relevant education and programming that will translate into better business practices is and has always been an ISES LA cornerstone. Innovative and effective programming with new and exciting activities is targeted as important and worthwhile by the new Board.

All in all, there is so much to look forward to next year. It will be fun, educational and profitable. Your ISES LA 2011/2012 Board invites you to join us.

Ron Hobbs

2010/2011 President, ISES LA

President’s Letter: May 2011

May is an exciting month for ISES. It’s the month that nominations for the

Ronn Hobbs, 2011/12 President

coming year’s Board is wrapping up. It looks like we will have several Board members from last year staying in a leadership position as others are stepping down and making room for some new faces. 2011/2012 members will be announced later this month.

May is also a month that each ISES member considers renewing and non-members consider joining. We understand that such a decision nowadays is not taken lightly. Each of us, from a business and/or personal standpoint, evaluates the ROI (return on investment) of such a decision. I might suggest you also evaluate the ROR (return on relationships). I am finding that development of relationships is what is keeping me solvent. The benefits of thinking outside the box (as we all need to do dealing with this economy) is expanded and multiplied when you are in a group setting. ISES gets you around the right people to expand your creative potential as you intellectually “feed” off one another.

Just yesterday I sat with six industry colleagues…none of whom I had met before. As we talked I was introduced to a great concept that I have already implemented. IT IS BRILLANT…I will share it with you if you call me. But the point I what you to understand is how important your ISES contacts can be…one simple idea can make your ISES LA Membership pay for itself. Sometimes the ROI takes many different forms.

I have talked often about the “Economic Funnel” we all have. The top of the funnel is where we put all our decisions of where to spend our time and money. Our funnel once had a larger outlet at the bottom…more things got through as we had more revenue. I don’t know about you, but my outlet at the bottom is allowing less and less to get through. So, as you put the concept of an ISES LA Membership for next year into your “Economic Funnel” I want you to think about what benefits and programs ISES LA is doing for its members. Please go to and see these numerous benefits. However…if you truly want to experience the benefits come to the meetings and participate.

As a teaser…there are some very exciting new programs in development that are structured to “get business” to our members.

I look forward to seeing you throughout the coming ISES year.

Ron Hobbs

2010/11 President

President’s Letter: April 2011

Once a year a unique offering goes out to the ISES LA Membership…now is that time of year.

Ron Hobbs, 2010/2011 ISES LA President

April marks the open call for 2011/2012 ISESLA Board nominations. Nominate a colleague, partner or yourself to

represent the ISES LA membership and make invaluable contributions to the event industry. Most of the current board members nominated themselves to serve after volunteering on an ISES LA committee. Committee involvement provides an opportunity for Board members, active contributors and fellow members to demonstrate their level of commitment, expertise and dedication. These are the trademarks of leadership.

You have probably attended several meetings, met some interesting people and have learned a few things along the way. You may have even been inspired by a few that have shared insights and encouragement. As President, I certainly hope your ISES experience and interactions have been positive and uplifting. As a Board, that is what we strive to deliver.

To get the most out of your ISES Membership, demonstrate your abilities and make lasting relationships, take the next step and get  join a committee or nominate yourself or to serve on the Board of Directors.

ISES LA committees and task-forces consist of the following:

Committees                                    Task-forces

>   Membership                               >   The JAM Tradeshow

>   Programs                                    >   The Event Industry Golf Classic

>   Communications

>   Marketing

>   Education

For more information on Board Nominations or joining a committee, please feel free to contact the ISES LA Office at 805.557.1141 or email

We look forward to hearing from you.

Ron Hobbs
2010/2011 ISES LA President

President’s Letter: March 2011

Ron Hobbs, 2010/2011 ISES LA President

I recently had lunch with one of my favorite people: Jorge Lopez of J & M Entertainment in Valencia. As we dined and solved the world’s problems there was one topic I wanted to share with you as an intro to this month’s President’s Message. Jorge spoke of a friend that professed their position on why anyone would spend time, energy and money to serve in leadership of any industry association. He concluded that it was either to directly impact their bottom line, develop and nurture relationships to impact their bottom line or (and here’s the kicker) for ego. We talked about how one needs to be honest about what they are doing and WHY.

Jorge asked me why I’m on the board of ISES LA during these challenging times, particularly since my personal business is not exempt from being ravaged by the economy. The answer to Jorge’s question didn’t come during that lunch. To be honest, it was a question that haunted me and to find the answer I had to think back to why I got involved in the first place. I began my service on the ISES LA Board during the heart of our economic crisis. The development of a new endeavor put me in front of many different types of businesses in the events industry. During this time my heart was broken. Small business owners were grappling with what to do to save their businesses and livelihoods.

I wrote an article during this time called “Business Paralysis.” Writing the article was therapeutic. I had some experience in association management; enough to have an opinion on what an association should do and that is, be responsive to their membership’s needs. I truly believe that an association can be a positive, and in some cases, a saving force to a business community. I really enjoyed the people that I met and interfaced with through ISES. Again, my heart was breaking for them and I felt that as an association, ISES could do more.

Jorge was on the Board of ISES LA several years ago. He understands the board’s purpose and how it functions. He summarized my concerns about ISES by saying “education and ethics training is important, but the members need business.” Understand that this is not disparaging any of the education programs and ethics training promoted by ISES at any level. However in this economy, both then and now, our members need business and it is to that end that I am dedicated. That is my WHY.

I will serve as next year’s ISES LA President. It is a decision that has many, particularly past presidents, baffled. My reason for this is the same as it is for many currently serving on the board who will also serve again next year–momentum. This board is setting into motion new programs that will positively impact our membership on many levels. We see a momentum and shift in our ISES LA chapter towards accommodating those “basic” business needs of our industry while still offering great education and ethics training. Slowly but surely we are coming together as a membership to have an impact on BOTH the ROI (Return On Investment) and the ROR (Return On Relationships) of our members’ businesses. The bottom line for me is that I want to see this transition through and one more year will allow me to do so.

ISES LA is currently accepting nominations for the 2011/12 Board. Nominate a colleague, a partner or yourself to serve. You can also get involved by serving on a committee; we need you! Visit the ISES LA website for more information on getting involved.

Join in and enjoy the ride.

A special thanks to Jorge for his introspective prodding.

Ron Hobbs
2010/2011 ISES LA President